The Demise of the pay phone in New York City

[I heard an interesting article on NPR this evening. All but 3 of the pay phones in New York City are being replaced with WiFi Kiosks. A search on the web uncovered this NYtimes article.

I've had an affinity for pay phones for some time. I spent quite a bit of my engineering carier building telephone networks and installing private telephone systems. I don't have any good images of pay phones as when they were plentiful, there was no reason to photograph them and then they disappeared and belatedly I wish I had. LIke Book stores and Newpaper vending machines, I fear they are now really a thing of the past.

While we don't have the colorful red phone booths like the British, there's something about the sleek glass booths of day's past that just invites a photograph. Oh well, time marches on.