June 2017 Newsletter

May was a very busy and productive month. The second Louisiana Bird Photography Tour was a wonderful success. While like the first tour, the weather forecast was not the best, we danced around the rain and made some wonderful images. Only the morning of the second day was a rain out and we spent the time editing images and working with the computer making very productive use of our time.

Cattle Egrets Working Together to Build their Nest Jefferson Island

Cattle Egrets Working Together to Build their Nest
Jefferson Island

We visited Jefferson Island multiple times as the overcast skys was an advantage reducing the contrast problems experienced on bright sunny days there and the ability to get out of the rain rapidly was a definite advantage given the rain potential. Although we weren't cut short there like we were on the first trip. As with the first trip we were rewarded with many nice images.

Osprey in Flight with Fish Henderson

Osprey in Flight with Fish

The first day we visited Henderson Swamp. Using the covered boat, we were able to work around several light rain showers. With Overcast skys, we photographed Osprey in flight and exposed to allow the sky go white and properly expose the bird. This allowed us to make some very nice images in spite of the weather and less than ideal light. We also got some nice shots of a yellow crowned night heron on it's nest. Again the overcast skys worked to our advantage in the cypress trees where it was nesting. As always picking the best site for the conditions maximizes the opportunities.

Osprey in Flight Cow Island Lake

Osprey in Flight
Cow Island Lake

The Atchafalaya River was very high, allowing us to get into Cow Island Lake, the first time I've been there in 4 years. I really like photographing there as you can get images of Osprey against a green background rather than blue sky. The weather had improved by then and we had sunshine for most of the shoot and we again got some nice images.

Least Bittern Miller's Lake

Least Bittern
Miller's Lake

On the final day we went to Miller's Lake. Always trying to save the best for last shooting conditions were great and the number of birds was astounding. We got some nice shots of all the normal species of egrets and herons, with excellent shots of Tricolor Herons and a least bittern. I mistakingly put my D800 IR converted camera in the boat bag instead of my D810 I use for landscapes, but that turned out to be a plus as I was able to also capture a number of very nice IR images and use my D500 bird camera to also capture a few landscapes.

A slide show of some of my best images from the trip can be seen here.

Next years Fall and Spring photo tours as well as an Infrared workshop for this September have been scheduled and can be seen here.

There are also classes I'm offering in the Bywater District of New Orleans which can be viewed here and with registration available here along with list of other excellent art classes offered at that location.

Finally Bois Des Chenes Bed and Breakfast where we've been headquartering the tours for many years has been sold. The new owner has put a lot of work into the facility, adding many rooms and updating the accomodations. I plan on returning To Bois Des Chenes for my upcomming tours. Here's a link to the bed and breakfast to give you an idea about what they've done. More details to follow.