Cypress Trees

Photo of the week 2016-09-12

It's been far too long since I've posted here, gotten out of the habit and I plan on starting up again. This weeks photo was taken in May at Lake Martin.

I was waiting for the sunset, this was happening in the opposite direction and I liked the light on the trees and the fisherman in the shot. I also took one after the fisherman had left, so if you're justed interested in the scene without the boat let me know.

It was shot as a 3 image vertical panorama and stitched together with a 50mm prime lens, my D810 Nikon Camera, and a panoramic head. Native size is 20 x 40 inches at 300 dpi and it can be printed at even much larger sizes. It would be great as a mural on a restaurant wall for example. It's available as a 10 x 20 or a stock image on my print web site here or contact my if you're interested in a larger print.

Late Evening at Lake Martin