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Photographing Your Artwork April 25, 2019

Art by Becky Burt

As artists you often need to provide use images to promote your work, jury into shows, provide to potential clients, and to document what you have done. Photographing your work can be difficult to achieve good results. This class will:

  1. Teach you the basics of lighting your work to minimize reflections and achieve proper contrast.
  2. Teach you to set up the camera to minimize distortion and realistically duplicate your work
  3. Go through the rules for jurying into art shows and setting up your photographs to meet the rules.
  4. Go through the basics of creating a booth image

The class will cover both 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional artwork. The format includes both lecture and hands on work, so bring your work to photograph yourself. Recommendations will be made for the equipment you will need to get good results. Finally we’ll discuss when you can do it yourself and when you’ll need to hire a professional.

Art By Phil Thompson