Tip of the Week 2016-01-5

This week's tip of the week is to use standby settings to reduce the chance of missing a shot.

If, like me, you've missed shots because you're in the wtong metering mode, have exposure compenstation set, you're in the wrong auto focus mode, have bracketing set, etc., you may want to have some standby settings you set your camera to when not in use.

Get into the habit of putting your camera into these settings when you're through shooting and then double checking when you start shooting.

You may also want to think through before a shoot, what settings you're liking to need in your camera and replace your standby settings with those.

Many of the newer cameras have a info screen which nicely summarizes what you have set. Get used to looking at this to doulbe check your standby settings.

Particularly when you're shooting action, having the camera preset, could be the difference between getting a killer shot or none at all.

Nikon D810 Info Screen

Nikon D810 Info Screen